AEQ - Who we are ?

Adventure and Ecotourism Quebec, professionals within the industry

Logo Aventure Écotourisme Québec Adventure and ecotourism regroups the principal representatives of the numerous outdoor activities available in Quebec. Professionals within the industry, travel wholesalers, tourist associations, adventure tourism and ecotourism training schools, all are united under one banner: Aventure Écotourisme Québec.

Highest level of quality

Through stringent operational standards, this "Nature Collective" ensures the highest level of quality for all the services it offers. Nature, along with its historical and cultural components, continuously evolves in pure harmony with the environment and its visitors...

Our mission: " Protect, represent and promote the interests of Québec's professional adventure tourism and ecotourism producers in order to develop a tourism appeal of high quality in the sectors of adventure tourism and ecotourism "

Today, Aventure Écotourisme's expertise in accrediting the supervision of outdoor and nature activities in Quebec is recognized by the Government of Quebec and partners in the Quebec tourism industry, thus guaranteeing the safest outdoor and tourism experience that visitors from here and elsewhere can find on the Quebec Adventure Outdoor portal.